Comments from students and parents about Project FashionWorks

"Thank you so much for your work with the girls last week, (student I.) was thrilled to get your email and read the feedback, we will keep you posted on how our school search goes. Your work and dedication with the students is truly amazing. It seems like every year (student I.) comes back from your fashion camp with new ideas and insights and then she takes them into her studio and puts them into practice. Thank you, again, Mr and Mrs R."


"When I did Project Fashion Works, I was able to express myself and I was able to create different fashion pieces with that expression. If you are thinking about majoring in a field of fashion, or going to college for fashion, project fashion works is great because you can get assistance on creating a foundation for your portfolio."  Victoria D.


“I just interviewed with Ralph Lauren, Victorias Secret, Michael Kors, and Kohls for an internship position!!! A lot of the work I showed them was actually from your class, and I just wanted you to know that they said it was very good and the Ralph Lauren representative told me I would be a great addition to their concept board team (as an intern)! Its for summer, so its not even close to set in stone, but I was flattered, and wanted to let you know they said that because most of the boards they were so impressed by were from your class Thanks for being such a wonderful part of my life” - Amy D,  alumnus of Parsons School of Design, currently a designer working in the fashion industry in NYC.


“Your classes were so worthwhile! Even now, in these tough times, I would find a way to make it work! Especially since they really do help these kids reach their goals and reaffirm that they REALLY want to continue, or it might not be for them. Thankfully, Amy's path is continuing forward, full steam ahead.” - Pamela D, mom of PFW graduate


“...you have been the best instructor and i have improved the most in your class. In the other classes I wasn’t challenged much. “ - Corinne B


“...I really appreciate everything that you taught and helped me with this past July, I definitely got a lot from the program and had tons of fun at the same time. I am hoping to definitely pursue a career in buying and merchandising someday and taking your classes really helped me to determine that if I work hard at it I can succeed in that field. Once again thank you very much for all you exposed me to.” - Brandyn B


“I really appreciate everything you've done for me. I don't know how I am ever going to be able to repay you for all of things you've done for me. Out of all of the people who have tried to help me reach my goal you are the only one who puts things into perspective, and also puts a sense of realism on what i hope to accomplish.” - Rachel S


“Thank you for everything these past few weeks, Elana! I enjoy your classes so much and I don’t know what I'm going to do with my Saturdays now.   Again, thanks for all your help and motivation this summer and this fall! “  - Julia D


“I just wanted to say thank you once again for all you've done.  Michelle enjoyed the class so much and is so motivated to continue.  She has spent the past week drawing and cutting out pictures, making more boards and showing her sister who's 11 what to do.  So, other than not being able to find scissors anymore, she is well on her way to pursuing her dream.  We really enjoyed the presentation on Saturday.  Zach was very interesting and I think everyone absorbed his advice.  Please let me know what your course plans are for the Fall.” - Mrs Donna De La Rosa


“I had so much fun in the workshop!  Elana helped me to decide whether to be a designer or a fashion merchandiser and the project that I did in the class was the best part of my college portfolio.  She is now mentoring me in my high school senior project.” - Zoe C, accepted to FIT


"...I have finally heard from colleges...As you predicted I was accepted to FIT, RISD, and Parsons... I just wanted to thank you again for everything as well as the recommendation and your confidence in me. I don't think I would have been as comfortable applying to these schools without it. “    - Julia F., accepted to RISD


“i think i learned sooo much in your class .  I know I sound corny but I’m really grateful for it since that was the first art class id ever taken besides in middle school.  i’m still using what you taught us in a costume design project for school too. we are supposed to make a fashion sketch and have swatches of the fabrics we’d use and i think she wants us to make the clothes too. anyways I thought of you and wanted to say thanks again” - Monica C.  accepted to Mass. Art