IS THIS CLASS FOR SERIOUS FASHION DESIGN STUDENTS? Yes.  And no.  If you are a serious student, intent on pursuing fashion as a career, this is definitely the class for you.  However, many students take the class just for the fun and friendship. Many of the students have gone on to be lifelong friends.  


CAN YOU HELP ME WITH MY COLLEGE PORTFOLIO OR APPLICATION PROJECT? Absolutely.  We have had many students attend FIT, Parsons, RISD, FIDM, and other schools for fashion. Students can choose to complete an application project (There are specifics each year for each college) during the class or in private tutoring (Email us for private tutoring rates).


I’M NOT A TEENAGER, BUT I’D LIKE TO TAKE THE COURSE. CAN I REGISTER?  We have had some young adults in the course, but prefer to stay under 25 years of age maximum.  It will be necessary for any older student to behave in a manner suitable for our younger students.  Bad language, or inappropriate talk will not be tolerated.  


CAN I TAKE THE COURSE AGAIN?  Absolutely!  We have had students take the course twice, three times and many more! The classes are small, and therefore Elana knows each student well, and can guide each student individually.  


DO YOU HAVE CLASSES OTHER THAN IN THE SUMMER? We have found that many students are too occupied with sports and school work to take classes on Saturdays during the school year.  So the focus of the classes is summer, when students are more free.  


DO YOU HAVE A PLACE TO HOUSE STUDENTS IN THE SUMMER?  No. But if you live too far to commute, we suggest doing what some students and families have done - take a vacation in RI that week, or join the class with a friend and take turns driving.  


DO YOU SEW IN THE CLASS?  Not usually, no.  This is an art and design class.  We sometimes offer sewing classes, however, so check back or be sure to join the email list.


DO YOU HAVE ANY SUPPLIES AT THE CLASSROOM? Yes. We have lots of supplies and share them generously with students. No one will be left out because they do not have the correct supplies. 


CAN I TAKE THE CLASS IF I DON’T WANT TO BE A DESIGNER BUT WANT TO BE A STYLIST, MERCHANDISER OR BUYER? Yes.  Students in the past have made this choice (Sometimes during the course!), and Elana has tailored the project to each student’s needs.


ARE THERE ANY FORMER STUDENTS I CAN TALK TO ABOUT THE CLASS?  Yes, if you like, we can give you a student or parent who will tell you what the class was like.


CAN I GET A DISCOUNT ON THE COURSE OR A SCHOLARSHIP?  We participate with PPAC Summer Camp Arts Scholarship Program for students 11 - 14, which you can find by clicking here .  This application should be completed early (January/February) in the same year - check the link for the actual deadline.  


I HAVE NEVER DRAWN BEFORE OR TAKEN ANY ART CLASSES, CAN I STILL TAKE THIS COURSE?  Absolutely.  We have had students with exactly that background, who have made beautiful projects.  


MY CHILD IS NOT 8 YEARS OLD YET BUT WANTS TO TAKE THE CLASS, IS THIS POSSIBLE?  We are sorry but the 8 year old age limit is firm.  We hope to see you when your child is 8!


CAN I ARRANGE A PAYMENT PLAN FOR TUITION PAYMENT? We are happy to discuss this option.  Please email at elana@projectfashionworks.com.